Obtaining hard earned leads for any company is no small task, especially a roofing company. On Top of that finding qualified leads is a whole nother ball game. In this guide we’re going to help you earn qualified leads through Online Marketing. This is not a full blown marketing guidline for a roofing company. We all know pounding pavement generates the most leads that result in sales for this particular industry. The purpose of this guide is to show you how to get more roofing leads through online marketing. The kind of online marketing we’re talking about is when “Tod” Types in Roofing Companies Houston and you come up on the first page results. If you prefer it, skip the guide all together and contact Hyped Marketing Group to automate this process for you.

First Things First You Need An Optimized Website

I’m not talking about rainbows and unicorns this color this font. While Website Design is important it’s not what generates you Qualified Leads. This is how we get roofing leads through optimizing your website. When I say Optimized Website I’m referring to a website that loads fast, mobily responsive across all browsers, and leads your client to a call to action. It’s not click here and that’s it. For a website to be effective you have to keep your customer engaged, then ask them for a commitment.

Next up is Internal SEO


From here we can start Local SEO