One of the most difficult things to do when starting a business is designing your website. Many try to design a website themselves using builders such as wix, weebly, or squarspace and come to find out the long standing phrase “you get what you pay for” stays true. At the opposite end of the spectrum we have the web design agency. These are the professionals that take your web design concept and turn it into the heart of your company that pumps business. Here is your guide on Choosing the right web design agency to design your website.

1. They have healthy Prices

Be prepared to shell out some dough for a professional website. A professional designed website can cost anywhere from $5,000 – $10,000. What separates the right design agency from the wrong one is Content Marketing and SEO Strategy. Simple as that. That’s what you really end up paying for. The power of content marketing is strong, stable, and creates business. Would you rather waste money on the wrong agency? or spend the money with the right web design agency and have your website pay for itself. That’s an easy one.

2. They use Responsive Design on all their websites

This is an absolute must in today’s day and age. Responsive designs responsibility is ensuring your website look’s good across all devices. You need this, and a website without it, frankly, isn’t worth ten cents. The right web designer will have this in their proposal for you. If they don’t have anything about responsive design DO NOT SIGN.

3. They have a good Reputation

Is the company a reputable Digital Agency? Do your research!! If this company has no reviews, isn’t on social media, and can’t be found anywhere on google wrong agency. The right web design agency will have all of these + more. If they can’t do it for themselves they can’t do it for you.

4. They have a marketing department

Here’s the deal. What makes a website a good website is the capability for it to be marketed. Not all websites are created equal and Google punishes the one’s that lack in proper SEO practices. There’s a process that runs parallel to designing a website that ensures Google will reward the website with viewers. The right web design agency will have a marketing department to enforce this process.

5. They Listen to your ideas

Above all, the most important key point on this list. The right web design agency is going to listen to your ideas and make them into a website. Imagine you’re at a bowling alley. You slip on your shoes. Shuffle around looking for the right sized ball. Found it! Now your eyes are set on the pins in front of you. You’re ready to throw that ball and hit a strike. That’s you about to begin your website. The right web design agency is like your gutter guards. We might suggest you do something this way or that because we know a thing or two about best practices. Otherwise you’re the one throwing the ball.