The very first task for how to improve SEO in SquareSpace is migrating your squarspace site to a wordpress site. Website builders like squarspace, Wix, and Weebly are not the way to go. If you offered your clients a free product, would it be the real deal? Probably not. It’s more like a sample of the product or service. Essentially that’s what Squarspace is and if you hire someone to do SEO on squarspace it’s a dead end. Your best route is migrating your website over to wordpress. Connecting Yoast SEO. Then learn how to improve SEO on WordPress instead of how to improve seo in squarspace.

To Do List

1. Migrate Squarspace over to WordPress

– This guide by wpbeginner makes migrating your website simple, follow this guide to move onto the next step.

2. Download Yoast SEO PLUGIN

-This is the big reason why improving SEO in squarspace is not the way to go. Support for SEO on squarspace is limited. Improve SEO on WordPress With Yoast.

3. Download WP-Rocket to increase website page speed

– Google rewards websites with higher load speeds. WP-Rocket is worth the price 10 times.


Now that we have our website on WordPress, we’re ready to get started with Improving SEO in WordPress.

– Local SEO

Get listed on as many relevant quality listings that you can find. These include Google My Business, Yelp, LinkedIn, Facebook, Bing, and many more. The #1 priority here is keeping your listing data identical.

– Reviews

After setting up our local listings now it’s time for us to get some reviews. Reviews are one of the strongest ranking factors outside of Backlinks which are the backbone of your SEO. A quick way to get reviews is contacting previous clients and asking them for a review. Simple as that. This will greatly increase not only your reputation and brand identity, but your Google Rank as well. Reviews. Reviews. More Reviews.

– Content Writing

Content Writing is everything to do with Marketing, SEO, and your entire online presence. Creating a clear message to your client is foremost above everything. A good way to do this is providing information to your client that solves a problem their having.